The Association

We support socially disadvantaged children in India to enable them to finish school. We also organize other educational activities for the children, such as traditional music.

Anand Jeevan can be roughly translated as “joyful, wonderful life”.

We want to help children with very difficult starting conditions to find their way to a happy and fulfilled life.

Through financial, organizational and personal help, we are committed to ensuring that children from families in the mostly poor rural population can attend school regularly and receive the necessary additional support. It is important to us to reach children from different religious backgrounds equally. We pay particular attention to girls, who often find it particularly difficult to gain access to education and teaching.

The non-profit status of Anand Jeevan e.V. is recognized.

The association “Anand Jeevan – Bildung für das Leben e.V.” was founded in 2016. Our India project is subsidized by the “ECOVIS & friends Foundation”.